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Unique car interiors

Posted by Stacie Lamb

Ghost Save the Queen

Custom Shop: Carlex Design Most Outrageous Feature: kangaroo leather inside wool rugs and Ostrich over thick Sure, ostrich and kangaroo leather are exotic. However, kangaroo leather is also protective, at least compared to cow leather. That's why they make high-end bike race suits out of it. If you've got this much money to spend, why would you need a leather covering your ass that is precious?

Porsche Cayenne Turbo

Custom Shop: Lumma Design Most Beautiful Feature: Three shades of brown. THREE! Take that Porsche lovers! The Cayenne is generally a symphony of beige, but it is interesting contrasts which make neutral colours pop, as anyone knows. Lumma has done just that. That is not exactly what the Cayenne is about, although it isn't flashy. Think of it.

Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid

Custom Shop: Lumma Design Most Outrageous Feature: This black and orange sports car interior You drive a hybrid vehicle, because it's likely to save you money in the gas pump, right? So, why don't you spend that extra dough on this Lumma Designs bundle? You can bet it is going to match at least one pair of kicks on your group

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